At The Educated Pet, the top priority is helping your dog or cat become a happy, well balanced member of your family. We have been providing training and behavior solutions to caring owners for more than 20 years. Read what our clients have to say about their experiences with The Educated Pet and head trainers Carol and Mike!



Paulette Goforth (and Wally) – March 15, 2015

I adopted my dog, Wally, in June 2014. He was 6 years old and still had stitches from having his left eye removed due to a serious eye infection.

I started him at The Educated Pet in Basic Obedience
Class in August 2014. He was so shut down that if the floor would have opened up and swallowed him, he would have thought that was the best thing. He literally hid under my chair. As the class progressed, and following Carol’s excellent instructions, he began to listen and participate in class.

He graduated from Basic Obedience, and then we began Canine Good Citizenship. He was afraid of bicycles, skateboards and joggers. Having only one eye, he also had issues with depth perception.

Following Carol’s excellent instruction, he started enjoying being out around people. He now runs alongside when we bike, and he does paws up on the skateboard.

He’s going to SOS class for big dogs. At first he didn’t know how to play with other dogs and just barked. Carol and staff worked with him, and now he enjoys playing with other dogs. He has graduated from CGC and Confidence class.

In six months of classes he’s become such a joy. Wally and I are continuing classes, and my goal is to get him certified as a therapy dog. I can’t thank Carol and her staff enough for all the amazing support and guidance with Wally. She’s an excellent trainer, and I highly recommend The Educated Pet classes. Wally is proof you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Asako Suzuki (and Hana) – March 2, 2015

When I adopted my dog, Hana, when she was barely 3 months old, I needed to find a dog trainer right away. Hana came in a full-package: cuteness, joy, terror, challenges and all.

I stumbled upon The Educated Pet and have been taking classes ever since. Now my dog is 17 months old, and we are still taking classes here, for I find Carol's classes one of the best bonding activities for Hana and me. Carol is the BESTEST resource any dog owner can have. If you bring your dog thinking Carol will fix everything and your dog will become a well-behaved dog after 6-weeks of classes, you should not take her classes. Don't expect her to fix your dog's problem; it's not her job. What she has taught me was the most effective, loving and encouraging solutions for me to be the best owner, handler, protector and partner for my dog.

I have learned through Carol how much work and time is needed to train a dog, and while we are still work-in-progress, I have seen a great deal of improvement and I am enjoying every moment with Hana. What rewarding experiences! How do I know Carol is that good? I can tell by my dog's reactions when she hears Carol's voices or turn the corner to park my car in the parking lot! Sometimes I wonder Hana loves Carol more than me - but that's okay, as long as it is Carol :) 

I will continue to take classes at the Educated Pet, even if we repeat classes - Carol can't get rid of us! Carol and the staff at The Educated Pet - Hana and I thank you more than words and tail can express for everything you do.


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