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Success Stories

Carol Harris and The Educated Pet have provided an invaluable guiding light for the past 10 years, since our golden retriever, Tara, was a puppy. What I never understood, before working with Carol, is that training your dog is a lifetime process. I have wholeheartedly followed this guidance. The payoff for ongoing classes and at-home training is the pure joy of working with Tara, the surprise and delight to keep seeing how very capable she is. Carol brings a deep and wide level of knowledge, understanding, skill, commitment, and integrity to her work. These qualities are undeniably present. If you work with Carol, you will experience them. For all of these past 10 years, I have found Carol and her work a profound gift. My life with Tara is deeply and positively altered because of Carol and The Educated Pet! I’m eternally grateful. -  Meo O.


Raising Lily through puppyhood has been a joy thanks to you and the team at The Educated Pet.

I guess it takes a village to raise a puppy too! -  Torrie

Thank you again for a great class and helping us pass the CGC (Canine Good Citizen)!  I'm so glad we did it!  We have really improved our walks which are SO much more enjoyable now and we both have a better time. Taboose and I went out to dinner in Little Italy last night — there were two other dogs on the patio who weren't with our table and she ignored them both the whole time.  I must have gotten 20 compliments about how well-behaved she was.


-  Randi


I have seen other dog trainers who only focus on ‘sit’ and ‘heal,’ but at The Educated Pet, you learn to connect with your dog and have fun while both you and your dog learn.


-  Joyce

Dogs of all ages and sizes can benefit from the experience and techniques that Carol provides. They made the difference between a good dog and a great dog! Our two-year-old puggle is an absolute joy as a result of The Educated Pet.


-  Zina & Patti

Carol is an awesome trainer. The Educated Pet has done a marvelous job on three dogs for us. Hooray for them!


-  Anje

The Educated Pet classes are fantastic! As a lifelong dog owner, I have learned so many new techniques to make life with two Jack Russells so much more enjoyable for me and the pups. Can't say enough good things about out teacher, Carol Harris.

I recommend Carol without any reservations.


-  Mike

Carol knows her stuff - she really helped me get my pup in control!

-  Jeanine

Thank you for the obedience class where you relentlessly had us practice sit, stay, come, down, etc.  Jax, our little Tijuana rescue puppy who is afraid of everything (but getting better, especially after your classes) runs when he is frightened. One night, I took him on a walk around the block after dinner.  As usual, when we passed a certain house, the dogs living there jumped at the living room window hurling all manner of insults at Jax. My little puppy used all his 17 pounds to pull toward the window to defend his honor, but before he could get there, the end of his lead snapped, propelling Jax well into the yard. Now the dogs in the window went wild. Jax was surprised, scared and distracted. Luckily, The Educated Pet training kicked in and I told Jax to sit.  Ah, something familiar.  Good things happened when he was told to sit — petting, treats, getting ready for a walk, etc.  He side-eyed the window, and although still scared, he sat confidently and stayed put while I walked over and picked him up. Because of you, Jax and I have made remarkable progress after taking the obedience classes.                                   -Sylvie

Carol and her staff are fabulous. Not only did she understand what was going on with my dog I was having trouble with, but she explained what to expect from my older dog too. After a few classes all three of us were on the right path to being a happy, calm household. Because of her, we have had outstanding and beloved pets.

-  Michelle

I adopted my English Springer, Axel, from the English Springer rescue. Axel started out very scared and had an unpredictable temper. It took some work on both of our parts, but I now have a very well mannered, loving dog. And thanks to Carol and Liz at The Educated Pet. I am asked all the time at the dog park where Axel was trained and I very proudly tell them "The Educated Pet!".

-  Lisa

Carol is amazing! I have tired others, but she is the best out there! Shera and her owners learned a great deal from her and for that I am thankful!

-  D.

The Educated Pet gave me the tools and confidence to become the dog owner I want to be in a fun, individualized and supportive way.

-  Hollis

Carol and her team of trainers are the best! The Educated Pet not only works with your dogs, but they teach the owners how to work and train with their pets. We have two beautiful Labradors who have the best manners – couldn’t have done it with out Carol and company. Our Labs have both achieved their CGC through their training at The Educated Pet.

-  Denise

The Educated Pet has given us the knowledge to understand, respect and teach our dogs. I don’t know what we would have done without Carol’s guidance.

-  Rebecca

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