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The Educated Pet
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Personalized training and behavior modification for the pet you love.

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We understand that the bond between pets and owners is based not only on love, but proven education that leads to good pets and happy owners. 

Unique, scientifically-based and proven

Even the most conscientious pet owners are faced with feisty furry friends. We opened our doors in 1998 to offer our unique, scientifically-based and proven approach to dog training and modifying animal behaviors.


Humane, effective, life-long

We love and understand animals.

Our techniques are humane and effective in changing unwanted

behaviors and creating happy, lifelong relationships. 


The Educated Pet is ready to help you and your beloved animals today!

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Not sure your pet is ready for a training class?

We can help you evaluate whether your pet is ready and what class might be the best choice.

“The Educated Pet gave me the tools and confidence to become the dog owner I want to be in a fun, individualized and supportive way."

Hollis, Dog Parent, San Diego CA

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